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Mail and Package Distribution

Specialists in the distribution of mail and parcels in general to all Peru. Trust our team of professionals and quote here.
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  • 24x7 customer service

    24x7 customer service

    We attend your needs at any time.

  • Fast and secure deliveries

    Fast and secure deliveries

    We assure the delivery of your shipment in record time.

  • Online tracking

    Online tracking

    Keep track of your shipment's status 24x7.

  • Door-to-door pickup

    Door-to-door pickup

    We go wherever you are to make things easier for you.

  • Specialists in Correspondence Distribution.

    We have highly specialized personnel in the distribution of mail and parcels nationwide and experience in :

    • Documents: Letters, invitations, brochures, leaflets, diptychs, triptychs, notices, summons, account statements, current account, notifications, receipts, inserts, mailings, etc.
    • Publications: Magazines, guides, bulletins, memoirs, encyclopedias, catalogs, etc.
    • Special services: Bills of exchange, Checks, suitcases, letters of complaint, letters of guarantee, invoices and documents of commercial value.
    • Parcels: Distribution of all types of packages containing products, gifts, samples, etc.
    • Valued documents: Checks, promissory notes, letters of guarantee, invoices, court-ordered letters, vouchers, credit or debit cards.
    • Signature collection: Immediate pick-up and delivery services of sensitive documents, packages and tokens, including signature collection, to be performed within 2 to 4 hours.
    • Address verification: Validation and evidence through visits to the address of one or more recipients.
  • Types of Distribution Services.

    In order to meet the needs of each customer and optimize their processes, we offer you our time frames for our distribution service:

    • Urgent: Delivery from 2 hours to 8 hours in the same day.
    • Immediate: 1 day.
    • Fast: 2 days.
    • Normal: 4 days - 6 days.
  • Modes of Delivery of Shipments.

    You choose who receives your delivery. We put at your disposal our modalities:

    • To the holder.
    • Third party or holder.
    • Under door.
    • With notice of visit.
    • At coordinated point.
    • Signature collection.

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